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Since arriving in Brussels in 2002, I've taken to enjoying the architectural beauty, passion for art, creativity and spirit for nature. I come from Italy, where I cultivated a passion for all forms of art, including dance and theater. My enthusiasm for creation has constantly increased. 

I hold a degree in Strategic Communication. At the age of 24 I arrived in Brussels, seeking adventure and new horizons. Here my passion for painting quickly became devouring, and in 2006 I began studying under Belgian painter Hubert Gauthier. My art has been shown in a series of exhibitions in Brussels and abroad in subsequent years. In 2013 I graduated from the Sapienza University in Rome with a degree in Art History. My thesis covered the parallel between the abstract paintings of the Korean artist Kim En Joong (who lives in France) and the American painter Mark Rothko. 

My passion for all forms of art guides me every day to pursue new desires and new artistic projects. Today I guide people interested in discovering the hundreds of creatives and cultural activities of this wonderful "surprise city" that is Brussels. I also use my training and my experience as a painter to introduce children to the history of art and painting. I am truly interested in unlocking the universe children inhabit (I am a mother to two children), in particular their capability to learn, discover and explore, as well as their high imaginative and sensorial potential.


During my painting and art classes, children learn through play and fun and discover the main artistic movements thanks to a selection of masterpieces and techniques of the greatest artists of the twentieth century to the present.

Upon request, the artistic discovery continues outside the workshop, through visits to museums and exhibition venues and creative events organised in Brussels.

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