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I envision a world in which people wish not only to be active donors but are also able to invest their time and commitment to empower others.

Federica Donato

Art 4 Humanity (A4H) is a platform that advocates for a more equitable access to social and economic resources, with a strong focus on improving education, which is vital to the protection of universal values and needs.

The arts enable people with different world views to come together and share experiences. A4H wants to contribute to creating a space for connection and interaction, and enable people to become positive change agents.

In tandem withA4H, FD4Studio has designed a line of products to raise funds for the most undeserved groups and to help address social disparities in the most vulnerable populations.

A4H icons, featured on the products and the artworks, symbolize the importance of our daily actions and desire to encourage present and future generations to be more conscious of our personal responsibility to be change agents for the betterment of our society.

By promoting various cultural and art events, talks, and educational, projects A4H will strive to engage people and motivate them to expand their horizons, connect around truth, and recover a lost sense of humanity.

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©Federica Donato / 2020 All rights reserved

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