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1977 Born in Italy

2001 Holds a bachelor degree in Strategic Communication at LUMSA University in Rome

2002 Settles in Brussels

2004 Attends the atelier of Belgian artist Gauthier Hubert

2013 Holds a bachelor degree in Art History at La   Sapienza University in Rome

2015 Starts teaching art history and painting classes to kids 

2019 Lives and works in Washington DC.

2020 Founds Art4Humanity to advocate and promote human rights, social rights and environmental campaigns.  


2005 (solo) at Derapage Art Gallery, Bruxelles - 2006 (collective) at Minima Gallery, Mykonos - 2008 (collective) Parcours du Maelbeek, Bruxelles - 2009  (solo) Blueprints art space, Bruxelles - 2010 (collective) Affordable Art Fair, Bruxelles - 2010 Olga Lamdon Art Gallery, Bruxelles - 2010 (solo) Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Bruxelles - 2010 (solo) Parcours du Maelbeek Bruxelles - (2010 - 2017 works on demand)  - 2017 (collective)  Galerie Saint Medar, Bruxelles - 2017 (collective) Accessible Art Fair at Bozar Museum, Bruxelles - 2018 (collective) Art Truc Troc at Bozar Museum, Bruxelles - 2018 (solo) Cook and Book Art Gallery Section, Bruxelles

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