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AllaroundArt and CreActivities


My objective is to plan your cultural time in Brussels AllAround Art. I can help you make the most of your time by customising your visit to focus on your objectives and your precise desires.


You will see the pulse of the city’s urban vitality. When necessary omitting the obvious in favour of some little known new find.


Sharp eyed I can offer unexpected perspectives of the city so that you capture its essence. I will enhance your experience by seeking out places where you will interact with its creativity. 


I will ensure that you do not miss the hidden beauty of the city that is often missed when you go it alone. I will take you further than the purely factual information found in the guide books. With me you will uncover the relevant spots, the stories behind the stories, the spirit or the origin of an idea. You will become a Brusselaer!


My focus is your pleasure and artistic preferences. I am not a conventional guide. My modus operandi is to make your time meet your needs. Spontaneity is key as readapt or change our schedule in realtime if new or different ideas materialises in  conversation.

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