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Visual artist, designer, and activist Federica Donato is the founder of FD4Studio and Art4Humanity (A4H). She is best known for her commitment to promote a more equitable society, social and

human rights causes, the diversity of cultural expression, and interculturalism. 


FD4Studio works for clients around the world and is known for

colorful and graphic artworks. Some of the works display Federica's own novel technique involving the systematic repetition of ink stamps on paper


Federica has recently made the choice to uphold her beliefs and do

something really meaningful. She set up A4H, a platform for social engagement, to improve awareness of globally relevant issues,

foster personal understanding, and generate change.

A4H is grounded in the fundamental belief that art and culture can not only promote higher levels of thinking, but also have positive economic, social, health, and environmental impacts on society.


Federica has shared the knowledge she has acquired during her creative classes dedicated to introducing children to the history of art and to various painting techniques and has always encouraged them to paint intuitively and freely.

She is the author of a soon-to-be-published book, an analysis of some aesthetic and moral aspects of Western and Eastern art that aims to promote a dialogue among diverse cultures essential to create

a universal ethic. 

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©Federica Donato / 2020 All rights reserved

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